Monday, July 20, 2009

All is..... OK. :p

Well I've started taking my herbs. The vitex and black cohosh and I guess they'll work as well as the FertilAid. In fact, it may work better because the FA had only had a little vitex and red clover in it. Black cohosh is SUPPOSED to be the shit, or so I've heard. The first thing I noticed is it states it's for menopause relief. That was a little bit of a downer as I do not want to be menopausal!! LoL! I'm trying to be a mommy. But the whole point is hormone balance in both cases. And once the hormones are balanced your body does what it should, so it works for either. Now I'm rambling. LoL!

Well this was just a quick update as I haven't posted in awhile. Oh and hubby is actually into the idea of having a baby. Though you know how that is. Any guys out there know yall get cold feet sometimes about babies sometimes, but most of yall are happy when you see those two lines on the test. :) So we're good. :D

OK, now I'm done.


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