Monday, July 6, 2009


I know I've been talking about taking it slow and letting the herbs work, but I want baby NOW!! LoL!! I know, I know. Great things are worth waiting for. I get that. And Clomid is something else making you have all them damn babies at one time. I will be stretching to afford on, but we'd live. Two? Three.. I'm not so sure about that.

Next think I've noticed is I've gotten cheap. Not really a thing for the ttc blog, but since I'm even applying it to the child to be, maybe it will fit. I have gotten cheap. Everything has to be on sale. I mean I shop, I just obsess with sales and coupons. I've never been this way. Before I didn't really think about price much. It can cost .10 or $10,000 and it was all the same. I guess that's good as I am an adult now and planning to expand my family. But it gets to be a drag. People are tired of hearing me nickle and dime things to death. LoL.. I guess I should lay off that a bit.

I don't really have much to say today. I think I got most of it out last post. But I probably will need to vent again eventually. :) All there is to report today is the cramping is continuing. I guess things are trying to regulate. As long as something is working, it's all good with me.... Though annoying. :p


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