Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Appointment made!!

Well I made the phone call and my appointment to see the Ob/Gyn and it's set for January 26. I'm still keeping my quit date the same as before, Dec 22.

On the FAIL tip, I was so nervous on the phone I came off as an unemployed, uninsured, unfit LOSER!! truth is I AM employed, as I own a business and hell credit makes the world go round. So I can pay the $200. I hope they are worth the money, cause I am SO not afraid to shop around. ;) but whatever damage I did on the phone, I can fix when I get there.

This was just a short update. I don't really have any REAL news today. Maybe later. OH, I forgot to post that my biological mom died about 2 weeks ago. Like Nov 27th I think. But now my sisters and I are trying to get closer cause life is so short. And now I have that extra support with my fertility problems- I can always use that. I am hopeful that the treatment will work- I just hope they'll treat me!! Gotta sound more fit when I meet the doctor. :) I am SOOO nervous.

Breathing.... Calming..... Breaths...



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  1. Hello there! Thanks for the follow on Twitter... I'm following you back, but wanted to come say hello here as well! Looks like we're in the same boat, and I'm all about achieving the zen. Looking forward to getting to know you :-)


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