Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yep... It's ticking louder than ever....

Since going back to work, I was back to just not preventing. Of course there was nothing to PREVENT, so.. You know... But now, I've turned another year older, and that darned baby clock is tick tick tocking again.. At 33, I know time is NOT standing still.. DH is.. Well, wishy washy at best. Our finances are not stellar, but I can't wait til I'm rich to get pregnant. I have to take the chance.. Likely it will take time.. Maybe YEARS, so why not start trying again now...

I'm pretty sure I have PCOS. I have all the signs of it. The excess bleeding during an ovulation challenge with Provera, the excess hair in... PLACES... The weight thing.. I have all the signs so I have to treat that first... See.. It will take time.. We have time to make a dollar if that's his worry.. :)

I have to lose some weight.. Yes, that is the bulk of my problem. When I gain weight, my periods stop.. Yes.. STOP.. All together.. I lose it, they start back on their "regular" 45 day cycle. Long, but like CLOCK work. Still, no babies.. I was "normal" weight for about a year, and nothing. So that's not the ONLY problem, but a good doctor and we'll find all the details. I was taking herbs, but got that killer stomach ache and had to chill on those for a while. And now I have no idea what I did with them!!! UGH, so I have to buy more at some point, but for now.. The fertility diet is the plan..

Let me tell ya.. I HATE dieting like the dickens.. I mean, who doesn't.. But I REALLY have an aversion to it!! I guess it's mental. Like telling me to diet is saying that there's nothing more to women than what the look like? Than what size they wear? Are we just pretty things to have until we get fat or old? Then just be tossed away for the newest better model? I mean I have some REAL psychological issues!! LoL! But I guess this is worth the dieting.. Or at least healthy eating plan and a little exercise. I mean, it's my baby I'm working for. Not some man.. :)

OK, enough crazy rantings. This is just me saying that I'm getting actively back into baby making... There... I said it.. :p


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