Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After the Storm...

First, I need to correct my last post. He's always said I WOULDN'T make a good mother. I reread that and was like "When did he ever say I WOULD be a good mother?!" Ah, those angry posts. So incorrect. :p

Anyway. I'm feeling much better. I hate to keep taking you guys on this sling shot ride. I'm sick of going in it myself. After reading me, of course you know I want a baby. I'll never stop WANTING one. I'll never stop PLANNING for one. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever GET one. But the WANTING never goes away. I still get "symptoms". Still get hopeful every month. I guess some dreams are just too important to let go.

As for stability, hell who IS sane enough to raise a stable child? We all have our quirks. Our insanities. So did our parents and most of us still, some how survived. I would make a good mom and I don't think I should give up on it just yet. As for him, well. I guess he can teach the kid something. If nothing else, how to be tough and stubborn as hell. :) Maybe with me constantly pumping kindness and understanding in Kiddo's little brain it might actually strike some sort of balance. That or create a TOTAL psycho, which in this crazy world, would fit in perfectly. :)

So the Doctor's appointment is still on, though I don't know if I like that "Women's Center". But DH says to give them a try. $200 is a hell of a try. But if it's worth it, I'll have no more complaints. They seem kind of condesending, in my oppinion. But as always, we shall see. :)

Well that's it for now. Crisis averted. Still smokefree. Still, mostly, on track. :)


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