Saturday, April 12, 2014

TTC and Over 30...


I won't make this too long, because every mommy- in -waiting who is over 30 has been there before..

Somehow the topic of kids keeps coming up around my baby-maching brother in law. He started making his kids in his teens with same age girls.... Young. Teens and twenties. 

His brother is older than him by a couple of years I think and I'm in my late thirties. (36) 

Well, he has a habit of getting on his soapbox about how women are waiting too long to have kids and how our bodies can't make a healthy baby after a certain age. At first the age was 30- something, now I GUESS realizing I always walk away when he starts this convo, AND I'm over 30, he has moved it up to 40. But STILL says older men will likely have disabled children or children with downs syndrome or SOMETHING suggesting we not even attempt it! :x

What's worse is it SEEMS DH is trying to use it as an excuse to not even try sometimes. It's like I'm fighting a friggin' uphill battle!! It's exhausting and painful. :cry: 

:babyg: Jen :babyb:

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