Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dang It!!

  I've started taking my temperature and it's going ok. EXCEPT I KEEP FORGETTING TO!! LoL! 

I've been using the Kindara app to keep track. It's free at the App Store, just search "Kindara". It has settings to track temperature, ovulation, cervical mucus and position. Then, if you finally get your sticky bean, a pregnancy mode. It's a pretty neat app. I'll give it a review when I get my BFP!! LoL!

Anyway, my temperature fluctuates so much from day to day, and I can never do it when I first wake up. So what I'm thinking of dining is just checking it at the same time everyday. I think that's why I keep getting so much variation. It's not by a degree, but several tenths of a degree. Still, it looks like a HUGE spike, but really I guess it's not. 

  It's not really a big deal yet. Just practice, as AF has yet to grace me with her presence. I'm giving this cycle 80 days, well 92 days or 2 cycles time to show up. If not, I'll start the Vitex. I'm already talking a multivitamin daily. (Geritol Complete.) 

I'm also going to, sadly, have to drop a few pounds. Yes, I hate diets and like to let this body do it's thing. I'm all for health, but diets just feel too much like a death vice! LoL! Still, I think I need to get healthier anyway, and what a better reason than a baby!! :D

Ok, enough rambling for today. 



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