Saturday, June 20, 2009

Babies on the brain..

I forgot this was supposed to be Baby Week on the Discovery Health channel. I was planning to be PLANTED on that channel.. Well, actually I was, but I had FORGOTTEN it was baby week. LoL. I love watching these shows, but DH doesn't want my watching them so much because they show a lot of 'sick' babies on there. And things going wrong. I guess he has a point. when I do get pregnant I'll be scared that all this stuff is wrong with my baby. I do get paranoid about stuff like that.

But it's very interesting and the babies are so VERY cute. :) Love it!

Well, today I'm still feeling the stirrings that usually indicate that AF is on her way. Or something is on it's way. O_O It's just nice to feel that SOMETHING is happening, and though I refuse to get my hopes up so early on, it would be nice to get a BFP on the first try. I'm not looking for it to happen so quickly, but still.. It would be nice. I mean, I've actually been waiting for 11 years for this baby.. I think that's a long wait and it's not just "real quick" That's a long time. A time of sruggling, crying, giving up and then trying again.. I'm just hoping things work out for us this time. One good thing about this, since we decided to ttc again, I feel closer to him. Closer than I have in a while. Like we are actually sharing something.. Something special. I smile when I think about him now instead of just thinking "Oh.. Well HE'S here." <_< And it's pretty cool. I think, at least for a little while, this will draw us closer together. That is if I don't talk about it too much. That's why I started a blog and joined lists for support. He's not really a touchy feely kinda guy. So looking for him to understand when I'm upset or feeling down.. That isn't likely to happen, and I can accept that. But he normally gets upset when I join all those sites and stuff.. But not this time.. I guess this time is different in many ways. Maybe that means something. Hopefully 2009 will be the year our family grows.




  1. "He" sounds like my husband. Upset, joining all the sites. LOL. But I will agree with him. Once you are blessed to be carrying your little one, you do not want ANY negative ideas floating around. I refused to listen to anyone's horror stories on birth convinced I would have an easy, painless birth sans medication and I did. Focus on the positive and it will come to you.

  2. Yeah, I get that if you're already there. But when you're trying to get there, you just want to watch the babies and see all the happy endings and pray yours will be too. Thanks for commenting!! It's always nice to get some good advice.



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