Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sleepy... Sooooo Sleepy..

I'm not sure if the pills are working and everything trying to kick in is making me so tired, or if I'm just a lazy li' git who just wants to sleep all day, but something is going on. LoL.. I hope the pills are working, and I do feel all the stirrings in my body that I was feeling when everything was working like it's supposed to. (Women know what I mean.. And I guess men who actually get involved with their lady have some idea. ) Hubby is being surprizingly laid back about all this. Normally he'll be bitchin' and moaning up a storm about me taking a supplement. (TRUST NO ONE AND NOTHING is his normal motto about natural remedies that he has never heard of. <_< If it ain't a chemical given by a doctor he is skeptically from JUMP.) But he's been nothing but supportive. Shocking.. For the longest time, and even now sometimes I think he doesn't want me to have his kids. Like I'm not good enough to be his baby's mamma. Like I can't possible live up to the first one... Or who EVER he's been comparing me to. But now.. Not sure. Sometimes he wants, sometimes he acts like he doesn't.. I don't know.. But until he out right says it.. I'm staying the course and we are makin' this baby..

Damn I'm tired!! I just can't get over how sleepy and tired I am today. It's just like it was Sunday.. I've been trying to stay awake, but I think I'mma go take me a little hour long nap. Maybe I'll be back to post more as it happens.. If not, see ya next time. :p





  1. Oh wow, Luther just came on! Okay, I can't submit my comment until this song finishes! Alrighty, I popped out the player. Don't mind me. Anywho...dang!

    I just wanted to say, "Don't get too tired to babydance!!! *side eye*". That'll be all, for now. Peace, Love.

  2. Is your husband my boyfriend. If it doesn't have a label and a orange bottle... he doesn't wanna hear it! LOL. I hope all goes well.

  3. Girl yeah. I mean the herbal stuff sometimes takes a little longer, but it's gentler and safer in most cases than the harsh chemicals. I mean it's at least worth a shot.


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