Friday, June 12, 2009

Got Part of my Order...

Well, yesterday I DID get part of my order. The test strips and my FERTILECM (I been callin' it 'FertilCM'.. Honest mistake. ) I was glad to just get that part.. Now all I'm missing is the FertilAid and I'll be set, but I already started taking the FertileCM and I'm not sure, but I think it DOES make you nauseous. I'm not already pregnant. I took my 'base line' test this morning and no question about it.. It was NEGATIVE. I wasn't really looking for a positive, but you're always hopeful when your periods are missing and you want a baby. But it's not the let down I've been having, since I was not really looking to get a BFP that time. So I'm not that down about it.. Still there is that little pang and it does set the tone for the day sort of. Far as my nausea, it may have something to do with my heavily onioned chicken sandwich lunch. :p Yeah, I notice if I'm full, I feel like crap. I have to use that to my advantage as far as weight loss. Full bad.. Comfortable and hydrated.. VERY good.

How am I feeling.. Kind of emotional. I think it's part of the unbalanced hormones going on in me. And the hope of this new baby... And reading all the happy reviews on FertilAid's site, made me kinda teary earlier today. It happens sometimes. I had to catch myself, but I was just so happy for those people who are getting a positive after TTC for so long. It was moving. Very moving. So I got weepy. I guess that's normal when you read about people who are a lot like you. Also, I notice that I feel connected to all women now. Well, all mothers anyway. All women trying to become mothers. Regardless to race or beliefs. We're all the same. We want our babies to be born and be born HEALTHY.. And for those babies to be safe. And that connects us. And that relaxes my mind. Makes me feel more at one with the greatest mother of all.. The Earth.. The Universe.. With just the IDEA of being a mother, I feel more intune with everything. Sweetness. :)

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'll be glad when these Baby Chronicles have a baby to talk about. I don't care if it's a girl or a boy. I'd rather a girl in a way because I have sisters and I'm a girl. Raised in a house fulla girls and women. I kinda know what to do with a girl. A little boy would be new.. My father died when I was 8 and my mom's boyfriends for the most part were creeps, so my male impression isn't the best. Not that I'd hate my son, of course not! I'd love him as I would a daughter and he does have his father to help raise him.. I'd just feel closer to a girl cause she'd be mommy's little Mini Me, so to speak. I mean I'd be ok if my little boy was a Mini Me, but I'd prefer he NOT be.. :p At this point, as long as it has 10 finger, 10 toes on two feet and hands distributed evenly of course. :p And be healthy.. I am in love.

OK, now that's all for the day. :) Hopefully my FertilAid will get here today. But I'm looking for it to be here the 16th like they said. They love to use that 'last day'.. Especially since I think it's coming from <_<


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