Friday, June 12, 2009


The FertilAid came TODAY!! I was looking for it to be late as usual from Well, not LATE, just on the last day of the time frame. Well, good for the 'fertility companies' that sell the products. They don't bull**** around!! As far as ease of ordering and shipment time, they have my business.. Now for the workings of the products.. I don't know. At first all I found were rave reviews, now I'm finding reviews that say anything from "No way will I buy it again, as I've been taking it for 5 months." To "Nothing yet, but still trying." To "It will regulate your periods, but nothing else yet.." Those reviews sound more likely, but I would like to give it 3 months before going to hard core drugs and treatments. I'm hoping this will work. I took my first dose as soon as I got it out of the mail box. (And damn was that a fight. That little "MailGal" CRAMMED the box in my mail box. LoL.. I don't even see how she got it in there as I'm about 100 heavier than she is and I almost had to tear the mail box down to get the package out!! LoL!! )

Anyway, I guess my journey officially began today. All the 'drugs' are in me, and now all that's left is for me and the DH to do some BabyDancing.. :)



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