Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm back.. Ane wide awake.. :p

I didn't even nap!! What a pip, eh? I started tinkering with the music player to add to the blog, and I was awake.. I guess I just needed some music to satisfy my soul so to speak. :p

I still think it's the pills that are making me so sleepy all the time. I remember taking Clomid and being so very tired all 10 days I had to take it. I guess FertilAid is about the same, just gentler and more natural. Hell I use to be tired when AF showed up naturally.. Just DRAINED.. Oh well. Anyway, as you can hear I added some tunes. I couldn't find all the music I was looking for but this got a lot of it. As you'll notice, there's a lot of sax in there. Well, I just rediscovered my love of the sax while watching an episode of The Simpsons, Lisa's Sax. And I was remembering how much i use to want to learn the saxaphone. I always use to price them even after I got married in Pawn shops. Like her's, I've seen them for $200.. But I've never been able to get one. :( No matter how many hints I throwed. <_<

But I will have my saxaphone and I will learn to play it. And when I have my baby, I'll show her/him how to play it too. This family needs talent to pass on. :p Well, we have talent. Daddy's a DJ, I DJ sometimes, I'm a writer, and can learn to fix just about ANYTHING just by watching someone else do it a couple of times. (Like a SAVANT, or something. :p ), but you can never have too much talent. It gives you lots of choices when you grow up. And it helps build self esteem, and every kid needs as much of that as they can get. I remember one of my high school crushes use to play the sax. He was the band teacher. ( I know yall thinkin' Mr. Holland, but oh no, he was CUTE. Young teacher, long hair.. Cute lil' white boy. :p ) That's not WHY I love the sax, I loved it before, I don't even think this has anything to do with the subject, so I'll stop rambling. :p

Well, just lettin' everyone know I'm wide awake and listening to my Neo Soul/Jazz. It's very relaxing.. You should try it sometimes. :p OK... More on BABIES next time, seeing as how this is The Baby Chronicles!!



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