Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tired... Well more.. Sleep... :p

Man, I'm not sure if it's the FertilAid, or just this lazy hot summer Sunday, but I was so SLEEPY earlier. I remember when I started taking Clomid, I was so tired. Maybe it means the herbs are working. I feel really REALLY lazy.. But not depressed. Just... Relaxed.. In chill mode BIG time. If I lay down, I know I'll be sleep in 5 minutes. Comes in handy at night, though hubby and I are supposed to be doing the "BabyDance". But he's tired after work and this is just gonna put me to sleep. ^_^ Well, that's not a problem right now. I just started taking the pills, so they have to work anyway before we can look for results.

I'm hopeful and very encouraged that this product will work for us. I have to stay positive. It may take a while, but I feel it will work. In many ways, the Clomid is cheaper than the supplements. I have insurance, so it usually pays it. Last time it did. Well, maybe not. I'll have to actually add it all up and see. This is going to cost me like 50$ a month. With the doctor visits, I'd be paying..... Hmmm.. That ain't but like $30 a month.. But Clomid is so CHEMICAL.. I'm trying this because it's herbal. I have to keep that in mind.. Oh yeah, I'd have to get the Prevera too, so that more.. And that's if I can get it for $4 at Sams. I may have to pay MORE for it, so I don't know.. :) Anyway I'm feeling this FertilAid. I'm starting to feel like I did when I was taking the Prevera.. All the slight cramping telling me it wouldn 't be long before "Aunt Flo" shows her face around here. Slight back ache. If it works this fast they DEFINATELY have a customer for life. (They sell products for pregnancy and breast feeding as well.)

My hopes are not UP, but I am hopeful. :)

Well, that's it for now. More to come later. :) (*Thinking about when I can start my baby Fotki album. and smiling.*)



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